7KM PAC3120 Measuring Device
  • Accuracy Class as per IEC61557-12: Class 0.5 (Active Energy)
  • Metering Voltage upto L-L = 690V 
  • Neutral Conductor Current calculation 
  • Total Harmonic Distortion
  • 2DI/2DO 
  • CT Secondary Currents: 1A or 5A 
  • Color LED for status indication 
  • 6 Limit Values for threshold monitoring
  • Voltage and Current Unbalance 
  • Aggregation Levels: 10-Seconds-/15-Minute Averages 
  • Integrated Modbus RS-485 port
7KM PAC3220 Measuring Device
  • Accuracy Class: Class 0.5 as per IEC61557-12 and Class 0.5S as per IEC62053-22 (Active Energy)
  • Aggregation Levels: 10-Seconds-/15-Minute Averages
  • 2modules in parallel, DI/DO, I(N), I(diff), I(analog) module also supported in display
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD with 51 harmonics)
  • Integrated Ethernet ports (2 no.)
  • Optional communication module: Modbus RTU: RS485, PROFIBUS, PROFINET
  • Integrated Web Server
Smart 7KT Multi Function Meter
  • Graphical LCD Screen
  • Suitable for standard 96*96 panel mounting
  • Accuracy Class1 for Active Energy as per IEC62053-21
  • Basic measurements like Active, Reactive and Apparent Energy and Power parameters
  • Total Harmonics Distortion- %THD- Voltage & Current
  • Neutral Current
  • 1 DI- Digital Input for Status monitoring
  • CT Secondary- 1A or 5A
  • ON Hours Counter
  • Integrated MODBUS RTU communication capability
7KM PAC3120 Measuring Device
7KM PAC3220 Measuring Device
Smart 7KT Multi Function Meter
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