Miniature circuit breakers can be used as main switches for the disconnection or isolation of installations, they are also suitable for the quick and easy mounting of additional components, such as auxiliary switches and fault signal contacts.   Click detail here: https://www.thinkegghead.com/
Miniature Circuit Breakers
  • MCB type 5SL6 (IEC/EN 60898-1  : 6KA)
  • MCB type 5SL4 (IEC/EN 60898-1  : 10KA)
  • MCB type 5SY7 (IEC/EN 60898-1  : 15KA)
  • MCB type 5SY8 (IEC/EN 60947-2  : 25KA)
  • MCB type 5SY5 (DC Application)
Miniature Circuit Breakers
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