Marine Power Management System

Example Application 1: Auxiliary and Generator Solution

One or a group of gen-sets for running both propulsion engines as well as auxiliary power on a vessel.









ComAp Solution

ComAp’s InteliDrive DCU Marine and InteliGenNT BaseBox, in combination with

ComAp powerful remote displays allow a complete power control system for any type of vessel. Allowing control of both propulsion engines and auxiliary power generation engines, ComAp gives you reliable control, monitoring, protection and data logging with the capability to control other external devices.

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Example Application 2: Engine Propulsion

Vessels with single or multiple diesel or gas combustion engines directly running the propeller and for providing sufficient power for vessel operation.







ComAp Solution

A set of InteliDrive DCU Marine controllers provide reliable control of the propulsion system for your vessel with sophisticated load sharing, monitoring, protection, anddata logging systems.

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